Senior Non Check League: Camorra Hockey

Camorra Hockey School

Camora Hockey school's aim is to both educate & help all players by providing well structured practices that correctly teach the proper techniques & skills needed for all levels of ice hockey.

Camorra Hockey school specialises in both player & goaltender training and utilizes the latest coaching techniques.

You can either attend as an individual or Camorra Hockey can help plan & run your team practices.

Do you think your team practice could be better structured & that by doing the right drills & training smart this would help to give your team an advantage out on the ice ?

If you are interested in

Attending Camorra practice sessions as a player or team , need help to plan team trainings etc don't hesitate to contact us.

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Camorra website:

Camorra Hockey is actively participating in the coaching of the
Paradise - Adult Learn to Play program @ Avondale rink
( 10 - 11.30am Saturday mornings )

Camorra Hockey's expertise will help develop new players & our aim is to use the current season to prepare new  adult players for the following season's competition. We aim to create at least 1 new team every season to enter our SNC competition.

Paradise Avondale
150 Lansford Crescent , Avondale
Ph 828 3800
Email -