Senior Non Check League: Notice Board
May 15, 2014
Attn SNC Team Managers

This is a reminder to all SNC team managers that your 2nd team ice fee payment is now due.

Please make sure that it is paid into the following AIHA SNC account - 01 0281 0088503 03. ( Remember to identify your payment by entering your team name in reference field )

Thank you to all of the SNC teams that have already made there respective payment & we look forward to receiving the remaining team payments.

SNC League Director - Karl Peni

April 29, 2014
SNC Team Managers

1st SNC team payments should all now have been paid.

The AIHA Treasurer will be sending out all relevant SNC team invoices to the respective team managers.

Please make sure you your respective SNC team's ice payment into the following AIHA account

AIHA SNC Account No - 01 0281 0088503 03

Please use your team name as reference so we can identify your payment.

Thank you

Karl Peni -SNC League Director

April 28, 2014
Its finally here !

The new SNC website is now up & running

You can check out all of the necessary info that will keep you up to date with latest

Game Results / Player & Goaltender Stats

View your teams schedule , your Division schedule or the complete SNC schedule broken down into each month of the season

Keep up to date with your stats & team results

We now have a great tool to help promote & grow Senior Non Check Ice Hockey in the Auckland region.

As we get more info we'll be making constant updates so make sure your visiting to check on the latest game results , player stats & team standings.

Have a great season & see you on the ice.

Karl Peni

SNC League Director